June 17, 2008

If you are in New York in July please come and check out a new interactive ecosystem by Emily Gobeille
and myself at the Riviera Gallery. Curated by the awesome Servicio Ejecutivo.

For exhibition info and artist bios here (pdf)

Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
2012/01/02 by Dayanara • • Reply

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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
2010/06/22 by Emilie • • Reply


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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
2013/11/14 by griffeys • • Reply
































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Re: Biome - New installation in NYC
2013/11/17 by Beverly • • Reply

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