June 3, 2008

Audio Space is currently being shown at the excellent <TAG> gallery in the Hague.
The show which focuses on Augmented Reality has a lot of really interesting work.
I highly recommend checking it out.

Exhibition magazine as pdf

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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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Re: Audio Space 3.0 at &lt;TAG&gt; Augmented Reality show
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