June 3, 2008

IDN recently featured some of my work in the Pick of the month section of their excellent Creator's id issue.
They also included the Funky Forest installation and Science of Sleep show on their DVD.
Check it out, in stores now!

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Re: Muonics in IDN Mag's Pick of the month
2013/02/20 by charlottelucy • • Reply

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Re: Muonics in IDN Mag's Pick of the month
2013/05/22 by Mustaqin • • Reply

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Re: Muonics in IDN Mag's Pick of the month
2013/05/31 by mhjxekg • • Reply

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Re: Muonics in IDN Mag's Pick of the month
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Re: Muonics in IDN Mag's Pick of the month
2013/03/25 by jdfhru • • Reply

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Re: Muonics in IDN Mag's Pick of the month
2013/05/22 by Zagara • • Reply

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