July 11, 2007


Here is a little test for the next version of Laser Tag where I have the tracking run
on the PC sending the data over to a Mac to display the lines.

Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/07/13 by bolesco • • Reply

very nice work !
keep it going...

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/07/18 by Nelson • • Reply

Most excellent.

So the way you have it set up in the video is not the only way that it will run, correct? That's just to lessen the load on each machine to get faster FPS, right?

-- Nelson

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/12/07 by Theo • • Reply

actually it is just a useful feature - a decent computer could run everything on one machine - I thought it would be nice though to make a way to share the data

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/07/18 by Theo • wwwReply

Yeah exactly - there are two reasons. One is to just show that you can have the tracking and the visuals separate. And also if you need to split it across two machines you can do that too. Mainly though it is to show that the visuals can be written in any environment that can get data over udp.

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/07/22 by Nelson • • Reply

Nifty-tastic. :D

And also, do you plan on making the source for this update of it available like the previous one?

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2011/07/26 by Kassi • • Reply

If you want to get read, this is how you shuold write.

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/07/23 by Theo • wwwReply

yeah the source will be available and it will come as one of the example projects for the public release of openFrameworks - so it will be much easier to tweak!

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/08/01 by eugi • • Reply

...and when do you think it will be completed? I hope very soon!!

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/08/01 by Theo • wwwReply

yes very soon :)

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/08/01 by Jason • wwwReply

This is very cool... so the application will allow transmitting the x,y coords of the laser via a socket connection? I\'d love to be able to use that data in flash. All sorts of possibilities!

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/09/09 by Bruno Bolescao • • Reply

Hello Theo...
If you`re looking for users to test any beta version on Mac OSX, you can send to me and i do it... with pleasure... because thats what i`ve been waiting for... the Mac OSX version of Laser Tag... Very good !

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2013/05/22 by Frank • • Reply

Ashley I can't speak universally since this is my first novel (Elixir was a co-venture so it was a litlte different) but I know in my case, we absolutely felt confident sending out the ARC, and there's no regrets about that. Still, everyone at the publishing house knew that even at the ARC stage, it's not a finished product, and there are still changes to be made. Not huge changes, not changes that are going to affect the story but changes, for sure. On the author side, I think we always are going to find ways to make our work better. I remember an eternity ago, I thought the first draft of Populazzi was brilliant until I got my editor's notes. Then I re-read it with fresh eyes and saw all kinds of issues. I dove back in and made tons of new discoveries, changed some story beats, deepened characters, and completely immersed myself in it until I emerged with what I thought was the PERFECT version of the story until I got my editor's next set of notes and looked at it with fresh eyes once again. Sculpting really is the best metaphor. The first drafts required massive cuts to turn a giant rectangle of clay into anything resembling the shape of the finished sculpture. From there, each rewrite involved smaller and more precise cuts to hone the shape. The exciting part of the ARC rewriting process was that the knife I wielded was a scalpel, making litlte shaves and retouches that yes, make a big difference in the finished product but don't drastically affect what you see from a few feet away.Hmmm I may have let that metaphor get away from me

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/09/09 by Bruno Bolescao • • Reply

Hello again Theo...
In the Mac version can i be able to use firewire conection to capture de video camera ?
This will be very good!
Good Work !

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/09/11 by Theo • wwwReply

the mac version is almost done - 98%

works good on a macbook - with the isight even.

hang in there :)

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/09/13 by Bruno Bolescao • • Reply

hi theo,
first of all
alphabetas is very cool... can`t stop thinking about.. only one question.
Is that the apha or Beta version ?!
Dont anwser ! rsss

And what about the Laser Tag 2.0 for windows, its already available to download !?
I can`t wait to see the new stuff you put in the app...

Im addicted to lasers! rsss

so, thats it..

thank you !
very much !

Bruno Bolescao

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/11/24 by Andrew • • Reply

Completed Theo?
and will this work on Windows?

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/11/25 by Theo • wwwReply

it is 99% there!
Just ironing out last few kinks - Windows Mac and possible Linux too!

thanks for being patient - it is a lot of work!

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/12/03 by JUN • • Reply

i just cant wait! I tried to recode the program to mac version but failed....

thank you for sharing the enjoyments to the world.

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2011/07/26 by Gerrie • • Reply

Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet artlice. Lol thanks

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2011/10/17 by Johnelle • • Reply

I feel satisfied after raeidng that one.

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2012/02/10 by Silvano • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2013/05/22 by Lua • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2011/10/19 by xbhrcrt • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2012/02/08 by Kwthar • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2012/02/09 by bzizplsfol • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2012/02/10 by vnvcal • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2012/02/12 by ibpqwsi • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2013/05/24 by ncnjmltrfou • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/12/03 by Theo • wwwReply

Keep your eyes peeled - LT 2.0 in less than 36 hours


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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/12/03 by JUN • • Reply

I owe you for your services and hard work. In return, I will spread it in my town Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2007/12/07 by Theo • • Reply

yup - check the latest blog post : )

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2010/08/19 by Patrick • • Reply

Very nice, keep up the good work!!

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2013/05/21 by Tish • • Reply

Hey, kilelr job on that one you guys!

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2013/05/24 by txaqaxrge • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
2013/05/31 by nlhzhh • • Reply

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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
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Re: Laser Tag 2.0 Dev - UDP Test
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